Unfortuitously, despite numerous schools having good intimate health training, these instructions tend to be not even close to thorough and incredibly typically disregard the intimate wellness of (cis) ladies who sleep along with other (cis) women.

Left to know about intimate wellness themselves, obviously, there may be a few things which can be unclear, unidentified or overlooked, therefore, with this blog post, we list some very important things that lesbian and bisexual females need to know about sexual health.

1. Lesbian and Bi women can be perhaps not resistant from STIs

One usual myth is the fact that lesbian and bisexual females cannot get STIs (sexually transmitted infections) through asleep with women. However, although the danger is somewhat below for ladies just who sleep with guys, STI transmission is actually possible. This could happen with intimate acts that involve any skin to skin contact, exposure to fluids, and/or sharing of adult sex toys – regardless of the gender/sex of the people included.

2. Few Lesbian and Bi Women Use Dental Dams

Probably it is because with this false impression (that ladies who sleep together with other ladies cannot contract STIs) that use of dental dams (a latex square that can avoid the indication of STIs during dental sex) is incredibly reasonable. In a job interview with
, sex counselor Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos shared that “less than 10per cent of women make use of them anyway, with merely a portion of all of them using dams regularly”.

3. Condoms Tends To Be Turned Into Dentistry Dams

For individuals who would want to make use of dental care dams to keep by themselves protected during oral intercourse, after that in then lack of an authentic dental dam, condoms can be converted into dental care dams rather. Specifics of
how-to to turn a condom into a dental care dam can be purchased on the Sexuality and U website

4. Lots Of Bisexual Females Cannot Tell Their Unique Medical Doctors Their Sexuality

In accordance with a
Scottish Equality Network survey
of 513 bisexual folks in the UK, 28per cent of the interviewed asserted that they might never feel at ease enlightening their unique doctors of their sexuality and 66% felt pressure to pass because directly. A further 42per cent of people passed away as gay or lesbian to their doctors instead of bisexual.

Even though this is actually understandable, it’s quite essential for health practitioners to know a patients sexuality to make accurate treatment tips and diagnoses.

5. Lesbian and Bi ladies Should However Get proven (even yet in Monogamous interactions)

As mentioned by
, women that have a monogamous relationship together shouldn’t out of the blue prevent practicing secure sex â€“ even though they’ve been examined. As it can get between three and six months for HIV brings about come back good, it really is recommended that you return back acquire examined once more 6 months in to the interactions.

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