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The ViziLite examination

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As with most serious illnesses, early detection is the key to be able to successfully benefits. Unfortunately, the issue with mouth cancer is that approximately 70% of the time it is not diagnosed at its early stages. Even if your dentist does a visual oral cancer screening, they can miss the early stages as well. ViziLite Plus technology aids our dental care professionals in seeing irregular tissue within the mouth, prior to it being visually clear.

The ViziLite Plus exam can help your current dentist discover abnormal tissues and cells that might grow into oral cancer. Oral cancer which consists of tongue, cheek, lips, palate, throat, and larynx if caught early, it is probably the most manageable and curable cancers. But unfortunately, if caught late it has one of the highest death rates. One person dies of oral cancer per hour in the United States; that is more than cervical cancer and even skin cancer.

That’s why your ViziLite Plus examination is so important. ViziLite Plus uses technology that has proven successful in determining soft tissues abnormalities in other areas of the body. A ViziLite Plus exam is particularly important if you’re at greater risk pertaining to developing mouth cancer.

An annual ViziLite examinition, along with your regular 6 month visual oral cancer examination, provides a comprehensive oral cancer screening procedure for patients. The actual ViziLite Plus assessment is pain-free and quick, and could help save your life.

How does the ViziLite oral cancer screening procedure work?

First, you will rinse with a purifying solution for one minute, this breaks down the mucal protein barriers of the tissues.

Then, the lights will be dimmed and your dentist look in your mouth with a lightstick. Typical, normal healthy tissues will digest the light and appears dark, whilst abnormal tissue shows up white. The goal of using ViziLite is to discover tissue modifications at their first stage. Using this ViziLite system, dentists can detect potential problems hidden “beneath” the surface, where it is not visible with the naked eye.

Each year, approximately 30,000 Us citizens will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer, and more than 8-10,000 men and women die as a result. The dying rate-about 50 percent around five years-has been the same in the past few decades, partly because the cancer malignancy often is not detected until it’s visible to the naked eye. “Probably about 60 % of the circumstances at the time of diagnosis and remedy are already within an advanced stage,” states Sol Silverman, a tutor of oral medicine in the University of California, and an oral-cancer spokesman for the American dental association “

Early detection measurement is a must

At St. James Dental Group, we want to make sure you are protected and get your oral cancer screening done annually at a very affordable price. Call our office to make your appointment today. We want you to live a healthy and long life . Click here for your discount coupon for ViziLite oral cancer screening.