Choosing The Right Mouthwash

Choosing The Right Mouthwash


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What To Look For In A Mouthwash?

The mouth has a lot of crevices. Toothbrush alone cannot remove all the food debris that clings to it. Flossing is a must and rinsing with a good quality mouthwash is also recommended. These dental rituals help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Acids from the bacterial wastes are the ones that cause tooth decay and gum disease. It weakens the enamel and creates holes around the teeth. Finishing a toothbrush routine with a mouthwash can lessen their presence in your mouth.

Mouthwash products
Types of Mouthwash

What are the types of mouthwash?

There are several types of mouthwash which you can choose from. The types depends on what are the needs of your teeth and mouth.

Here is the list of mouthwash that you can find in the market today:

  1. Fluoride mouthwashes– this is the most popular type. This makes your enamel strong. If you think that your teeth are eroding due to bacterial acid attack, then this one is for you.
  2. Antiseptic mouthwashes– This is designed to kill the bacteria in your mouth. This is also used before and after surgeries to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. However, you cannot use this on regular basis. It interrupts your taste and can disturb the friendly bacteria that are normally residing in your mouth making you more prone to other problem, especially if it contains alcohol. It is not recommended to use any mouthwash with alcohol. Consult your dentist before using this type.
  3. Combination– There is mouthwashes that contain a little antiseptic and fluoride. This is designed to get the best of both types of washes; the regular fluoride rinse is still the recommended one if you do not have advanced dental problems.
  4. Prescription rinses. These rinses are for your gum infection. You may need this if you have a constantly occurring gum inflammation or gum disease.
  5. Whitening mouthwashes– As they are categorizes, whitening mouthwashes are used to lighten the stains on your teeth. There is also nicotine removing mouthwashes that are designed for the longtime smokers who have developed darkened teeth due to the thick presence of nicotine on their teeth. Maintaining these mouth washes should be consulted with your dentist. There may be ill-effects which you do not know. Proper guidance is needed.

What are the top brands?

Using the top brands means there are a lot of people who have already used it and approved of their benefits. The top brands for mouthwashes are:

  1. Listerine
  2. Crest
  3. Scope
  4. Act
  5. Plax
  6. Orajel
  7. Targon
  8. Rembrant

Taking care of your teeth by using mouthwash is a great sign that you are conscious of your dental health. You will enjoy great set of pearly whites and can flash a confident smile if you keep your mouth healthy. Clean teeth and healthy gums are assurance that you can enjoy great looking teeth even after youthful days.

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