Having a straight set of teeth is enough to make a pretty smile. It builds your confidence and your social interaction. If you do not feel good on how your teeth and your smile look, you may feel low self-esteem. There are many things that are affected by the appearance of your smile. Career, social prestige and concentration in performing you job will be clouded if you do not have self confidence because of an unattractive smile. Many will find this insight funny but, reality always shows the conclusion. Appearance of gorgeous, straight teeth gains many good awards than having a crooked set. A straight set of teeth can be achieved now in several different ways in modern times. You just have to know the techniques in achieving it.

Here are some of the different methods you can get your teeth straightened

Braces vs Invisalign
Braces vs Invisalign
  1. Many will advise you to have braces if you have widely spaced teeth (gaps), overbite, overlap or mal-aligned teeth. Braces may be painful in some cases but, will give off good results in the long run. The first thing you need to do is to find a good dentist or orthodontist. Ask him what kind of braces he offers. There are several different kinds of brace brackets. Some of the standard metal braces are too chunky that it can cause protrusion of the lips. This will make your upper and lower lip to be too pronounced and not so pleasant to look. There are also mini and white brackets and invisible braces that are placed behind the teeth so that you get the final results of straighter and properly aligned teeth without the braces in view. Invisalign is another method of straightening which has become very popular. It is a set of clear trays you wear and are completely invisible and un-noticeable. Ask your dental professional if you are a candidate for invisalign.

The discomfort caused by braces will be felt only for a few days to a week. This is usually after each adjustment made at the 6 week visits. The main downside of having braces is that you cannot eat all the food served on the table. You have to think carefully before you put something in your mouth if you don’t want the brackets to get damaged or break off. An additional charge may be collected by the dentist if one of your brackets need to get attached or replaced again.

  1. Veneers are another way of getting your teeth straightened. It is like laminating your teeth so that whiter and beautifully shaped teeth will take its place. With this, you cannot experience any discomfort due to teeth adjustments such as on having braces. It is an instant make-over that you will immediately have in only 2 appointments upon stepping out of the dentist’s office.
  2. Cosmetic reshaping is used for very minor problems. It is instant and painless. A cosmetic dentist will be able to help you with this. He/she will reshape your teeth to minimize its unevenness.
  3. Retainers are also effective in having straight teeth. If your teeth are mildly crooked, a retainer is enough to solve it. It is removable, so you can remove it to wash it.

Straight teeth are assets that will give you some advantage in life that others without it don’t have. It makes your smile more attractive and will build your confidence in socializing with others. Not only that but it will give you a proper bite, so it will correct your malocclusion as well. There are many ways to have a straight beautiful smile. Ask a professional dental practitioner which option is best for you, so you will have perfectly white and straight teeth.

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By Ladan Zinati


  1. Thanh Dollahite
    November 11, 2012

    I enjoyed the site. It was a wonderful read. Endowed with a lot of well written info I will be back. Hopefully to see more great info added. Thank you.

    • admin
      November 11, 2012

      Hi Thanh. You are very welcome. Thanks for visiting my site. Come back soon.

  2. Rodriguez
    April 21, 2013

    Very informative article especially for people who’s teeth are not well aligned, who did not know there were many choices. Now I have an idea of which one to choose from next time I go to the dentist to avoid the pain and an unpleasant smile from wearing standard metal braces.

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