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Can You Regain Healthy Gums?

Gums are an important part of your teeth and health of your mouth and body. Gums cover the roots which are the most sensitive part of our teeth, because roots don’t have the protection of enamel. Gums can also be an indication of the health of your mouth as well as the health of your body.

During younger years, healthy gums appear pink, firm and cover the entire roots of the teeth. However, when you get older, they can become diseased by not taking good care of them, also they can start to recede. When this happens, the roots of the teeth become exposed. They are sensitive to touch, heat and cold. So, the question is, can you regain back the healthy gums that you once had after recession?

Methods of growing back healthy gums

For sure, you are wondering how receded gums become healthy gums once again. Of course, with modern technology, almost everything is possible.

The methods you need to have for gum reconstruction depends on the cause and severity of the gum recession. Here are the different kinds of repair:

  1. Deep cleaning. This is also called non-surgical method. This process is effective if the gum recession is caused by bacterial infection and the degree of damage is not yet severe. Professional oral cleaning which includes the cleaning of the gum pockets and removal of tartar should be performed to cure the bacterial infection.

  3. Grafting soft tissue or Gum Graft. This method is applicable if the recession of the gums are more severe. This is a surgical process where the dentist will take soft tissue from other areas of the mouth. Often, the soft palate is the safest place to get the tissue because it is where the healthiest soft tissue grows. Then, the soft tissue is sutured to the diseased gum. This may sound complicated but, the patient will not feel any pain with only a little amount of painkiller. And with good oral hygiene and regular dentist visits, the gum graft will last for a very long time.

  5. Bone grafting. When not only the gums have regressed but also the bone is lost due to the gum disease, bone grafting may be needed. This procedure will help in treating the gum disease and help in prevention of further bone loss. Of course you have to have a very good home care as well as visiting your dentist at least every six months, and sometimes even every 3-4 months. The bone is lost due to the bacteria traveling in the deep pockets of the gum and destroying the bone. If this condition becomes severe, then teeth will become loose because there is not sufficient bone to hold the teeth in place and eventually they fall out or need to be extracted. In this procedure, the jawbone is expected to improve its height, width and strength. This is also recommended for damage from trauma and infection.

  7. Gum Regeneration– This is a procedure where soft tissue will not be collected from any part of the patient’s body. A bundle of processed tissue is used. The end result of the grafting will depend on the level of health of the patient and the aftercare practices.

  9. Pinhole Surgical Technique– This technique is the newest technique developed by Dr. John Chao for correcting gum recession. This technique does not use a scalpel to cut the gums and no suturing is necessary. There is minimal discomfort after the procedure and the recovery is very fast as well as the results. Here is a video to show you this technique to correct gum recession.




If you are experiencing gum recession, don’t give up hope. Ask your dentist what are the procedures will be best for you and you will regain your beautiful smile again. But don’t wait until it’s too late.

By: Ladan Zinati


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