Affordable care act

Affordable Care Act

Children need dental care as much as they need medical care. The US government is gearing its laws on pediatric dentistry to give their young citizens the right oral care. In this case, the Affordable Care Act specifies dental insurance as one of the essential health benefits that a child can needs. However, there are imposing problem with this Affordable Care Act.

What is Affordable Care Act?

Affordable care Act, ACA, also popularly known as Obamacare, is a law approved and signed by Pres. Obama last March 2010. It is one of the major repairs or remodeling of the US healthcare since the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid.
ACA aims to increase the affordability of medical and dental services in both private and public insurances.

What are the specific inclusions of Affordable Care Act when it comes to oral care?

Since the advent of 2014, Pediatric Dental Insurance specified basic services such as:

1. Preventive Oral Care. This is a program where children are taught how to properly brush their teeth. Mouthwashes, toothpaste and gum gels are introduced. Fluoride content is specified on a right level. Flossing is also encouraged.
2. Dental cleaning. Annual dental cleaning is an important package in oral care. Removal of tartar will effectively prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
3. Regular dental check up. Having a regular dental check up will keep a child’s oral health in good condition. Development of cavities can be prevented.
4. Dental X-rays. This procedure is a bit costly if you don’t have dental insurance.
5. Fillings.
6. Additional infrastructures for dental and medical services.
7. Additional aid for schools to promote dental services for students 18 years old and below.

What can stop your children from availing the dental care in Affordable Care Act?

Affordable dental care for kids
Dental care for kids

There is a flaw in this act, however. This act can only be applied to the insurance companies who offer dental and healthcare as a single bundle. In reality, health insurance companies offer a separate package for dental and medical. If your healthcare company does not or cannot merge these services, your child and possibly thousands of children in the US, will not be able to get the Affordable Care Act dental benefit. This is the reason why most families drop the dental insurance and just pursue with the medical insurance they thought is more important.

There are two things you can do to solve this problem:
1. Get a new insurance company that offers both dental and medical care contained in a single plan. That may sound so easy. However, the contribution you made in your existing company will go into loss unless you have utilized a great deal of it.
2. Ask your employer to redefine your health insurance if you have an employer-based insurance. Some employers extend their insurance benefits to their employee’s dependents. This insurance may be redefined according to Obamacare.

Here is a video about Affordable Care Act Dental Coverage

Affordable Care Act has a big plan for the citizens in the US. The government wants to give full service to everyone according to medical and dental health. However, defects of the act have been felt by many individuals especially within the community of dental services. Proper coordination and careful planning of the act will make great difference especially when you talk about the much needed pediatric dental care.

By: Ladan Zinati


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