Dental Emergencies

December 20, 2014

What To Do When You Get A Toothache While On Vacation?

Vacationing is to have fun and to relax and get refreshed from the everyday stress of life. Last thing on your mind when planning for a vacation is a toothache or a dental emergency.
November 20, 2013

Toothaches and Home Remedies

Toothaches can occur anywhere and anytime and it can be one of the most severe and debilitating pains you can experience. And in cases where you […]
October 9, 2013

Athletic Mouthguard: Keeping Your Teeth Protected

Athletic Mouthguard or Sports mouthguard Athletes need to wear an appliance called athletic mouthguard or sports guard. As they go to play sports, whether it’s recreational […]
August 21, 2013

What To Do During Dental Emergency?

What is a dental emergency? A dental emergency is a type of medical emergency involving the teeth or gums. Pain involving these parts of the mouth, even when […]
March 6, 2013

8 Dental Emergencies and What You Need To Do

Dental emergency might not seem so much as an “emergency”. But if it is left untreated, it can result to a more serious condition – some […]
May 15, 2012

What Causes My Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is breath that has an unpleasant odor. This odor can strike periodically or be persistent, depending on the cause. In […]