Scared Of Dentist
Fear Of Dentist

Many people have “fear of the dentist” when it is time to visit their dentist. Often, the worry of pain or discomfort is the first thing that comes to mind. Kids have anxiety of their own and if they don’t understand what is about to happen, their fear will grow into a full panic.

This fear can be overwhelming and can, in fact, prevent many from even seeking dental care. Children often have this same kind of anxiety and if they have a poor experience to begin with, they may avoid dental care in the future. It is very important that their visit is one that will make them want to return again and again.

The relationship that the kids form with the staff of the office is crucial. They should be able to easily communicate and make your child feel comfortable. They are the ones that the kids will often relate to and see on a consistent basis.

Once children start having their teeth checked on a regular basis and become acquainted with their dental provider, it sets a standard that they should follow for the rest of the lives. They need to learn how important their dental hygiene and health of their teeth are and learn to take care of them.

As children progress through the different stages of life, their teeth will also go through many stages…therefore, it is very important to schedule regular check ups in order to anticipate each change and ensure continued development. When children start their dental check ups early, i.e. about one year old, the chances of having the fear of the dentist minimizes extensively. So early check ups are not only necessary for the health of their teeth, but it’s a huge advantage for not developing “fear of the dentist”.

BY: Ladan Zinati

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  1. pradeep
    November 29, 2012

    This article is very nice….Because i’m also the one who get fear of dentist.

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