How Much Dental Cosmetic Can Cost You These Days?

The impact of how much a dental cosmetic can cost you today depends on just how much you work needs to be done in order to achieve that perfect smile. But of course, no matter how much you are willing to pay for that Million Dollar perfection, you would still like to know just how much you will likely have to spend, so you can weigh your options.

The prices can greatly vary depending on where you are; what procedure you need to go through; the dentist who will do the procedures; and of course, your unique need for a perfect smile. Having all these considered, you can now look into a wide range of prices to see how much you will likely pay for your smile. The following are the most likely procedures you need to have for a perfect smile with their corresponding price range.

  • Bleaching or Teeth Whitening. One of the quick fix for a brilliant smile. Having a set of discolored teeth is one of the causes for making your smile dull. Fortunately, this procedure will not cost you so much. You will just have to prepare $250 to $500.
  • Dental Bonding. If you have a cracked, stained, chipped teeth or gaps between teeth, Dental bonding is the best solution for you to achieve your perfect smile. This procedure can cost you around $100 to $400 for every tooth with crack, chips and stains. If you are most concern with your front teeth, this can cost you a little higher. You will need to prepare $300 to $1600 for restoring one or more teeth.
  • Porcelain Crowns. Teeth that are badly damaged and are in dire need for appearance and strength improvement, having porcelain crowns is one of the best solutions. This procedure will improve the color, length and shape of your teeth. A porcelain crown can cost you, in average, $1500. For an all porcelain crown, you will need to prepare between $950 and $2200.
  • Porcelain Veneers. Another procedure for severely damaged teeth is having porcelain veneers. This can cost as much as the Crowns. Average cost is $900 to $1500 for every single tooth. You can prepare $975 to $2200 just to be sure you get durable restoration and a long lasting Million Dollar Smile.
  • Fillings. This might not be so much as most tooth in need of fillings are back teeth. Still, if you want that total brilliant smile, all your teeth are in their best condition. Back teeth white filling can cost you $150 to $250 for every single tooth; 2 surface fillings can cost $200 to $400; and 3 surface fillings can cost $250 to $500.
  • Invisalign®. These invisible braces can really cost you but this is the best solution for fixing teeth alignment without sacrificing your smile. For this procedure, you have to prepare $5000 to $7700.


A couple things you need to understand why prices can soar so high


The reason why the price range can vary so much is because there are a lot of dental cosmetic procedures that have substandard protection due to the fact that this specialty is not legally distinct; although the cosmetic procedures need great care and expertise. It is likely that if you pay less, you are protected less. If the procedure does not go well with your expectation, you don’t have too much available recourse on your end.


The dentist’s expertise will likely be due to continuing education. You will have to pay for this kind of expertise as your dentist would have paid for it. This means that if you will likely pay more for an expert’s care in comparison with your general dentist.


Dental insurance are designed to provide for dental care in general. Plans only cover certain functional level for cosmetic dentistry. It will only protect you as far as it has something to do with protecting your teeth but not making them beautiful. Aside from this limitation, Insurance Plans will likely refer you to network of dentists who are willing to provide discounted fees for their services as long as they get referred to by the companies. Experts in cosmetic dentistry will unlikely agree with that kind of terms.


 Cosmetic dentistry will need beautiful expensive materials to make your teeth look brilliant. If you want to have first class materials, you will likely pay more.


It’s your teeth and your smile. How much these procedure will cost you depends on your desire to show a perfect and confident smile.

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