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Problems You Can Encounter With IV Sedation In Dentistry

 Sedation in dentistry is becoming very popular. This is because there are a lot of people who are scared of visiting their dentists. The reason for this is often not being knowledgeable about dentistry. 

What are the disadvantages of IV sedation in dentistry?

So, now that you have decided to try sedation for a dental procedure, you must know the main disadvantages before you sign your consent. Here are the things you have to know:  

  1. Needles will be used. IV Sedation always requires the dentist to use a needle. Therefore, this is a struggle that every patient with needle-anxiety faces the challenge.
  2. IM –Intramuscular sedation. This is another method of sedation. The sedative is injected intra-muscularly instead of through the veins. IM sedation is more efficient than IV. It is also said to be less painful.
  3. IV sedation requires you to pay more. In most cases, no dental insurance coverage is available. Therefore, you have to choose either to control your fear or suffer a great deal of financial loss. Take it into consideration what you can handle in the future.
  4. The quantity of the sedative should be exactly within the safe dosage. There is a strict guideline for safety. Be wary of what to be scared of- imaginary pain or real possible mistake in the amount of sedation that may lead to paralysis.
  5. You got to have a buddy. The dentist will require you to have someone to accompany you. Driving under sedative is dangerous. .


What are the associated dangers of IV sedation?

It is not entirely safe to have sedation for dentistry unless you are sure that you are attended by an expert. The risks are:

  1. Temporary Amnesia- You will not remember everything about the procedure.
  2. Respiratory issues- Improper breathing may occur.
  3. Body malaise- IV sedation does not immediately leave your system. With this, you may not be able to walk straight right away.
  4. Temporary impairment of vision. Hazy vision is associated with sedation.


What are the safety measures before dental sedation?

You have to have your checklist as you are prepped by the dentist to undergo sedation.  You have to check if:

  1. Blood pressure is being monitored. Blood pressure is monitored for 5 to 7 minutes. This is done every 15 minutes throughout the procedure.
  2. Highly experienced sedation dentist. Make sure your dentist has a lot of successful practice regarding this procedure.
  3. Well trained staff. The assistants to the dentist should also be well trained. There are a lot of brilliant dentists who fell into undesirable mistakes because of the failure of their assistants to understand their instructions.
  4. Uses modern techniques like titration to measure the volume of sedative well.

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Discuss with your dentist the sedation procedure. A good step by step explanation will assure and ensure you that you will be handled expertly. You may also want to try hypnosis, which is a lot safer.

Here is a video to show you how IV sedation is done:


By: Ladan Zinati



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